Careers of Classical Musicians Podcast

León Dreher, founder of Dreher.Media GmbH, talks to classical musicians about the basic building blocks of their success. What do musicians focus on when it comes to their career? How do they prepare your career at a young age? How do musicians coordinate their health, social life and career? All this and much more in Careers of Classical Musicians!

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"Absolute full professionals in the matter, friendly, creative, fast, flexible, always on hand with good advice; yet never losing sight of the individual artistic profile and idiosyncrasies. It's hard to imagine better partners than Dreher.Media!"

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Career Academy

Business & Marketing Skills -
adapted to the Classical Music Market.

The Career Academy is a digital training format for artists. The focus is on skills in networking, price negotiations, self-management, social media content creation and branding.
Part of the Academy is an expert network consisting of successful artists, cultural entrepreneurs and agents/managers.

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